A tree standing lonely on a hill has been watching the passage of time for centuries

A tree on a hill exudes a sense of majesty and confidence, a connection with the surroundings and the silence of nature. All of these are the sources of inspiration for the songs of "A Tree On A Hill".

The composer consciously takes a step back and let the sounds work for him. Born in the early seventies, the sound artist was mainly influenced by New Wave, Synth Pop and New Romantic. The piano and the classical guitar were replaced by keyboard and sequencer at the end of the eighties. Around the turn of the millennium, he produced several pop songs with various artists.
Since 2020, he has been producing, among other things, new age songs in his studio, which are released under the artist name "A Tree On A Hill" and have a strong connection to nature.

The first EP released, "Lying Under Trees", conveys the feeling of sitting under trees and feeling the wind blowing through the branches and making the leaves whisper. Each of the four tracks is dedicated to a special group of trees.

The EP "Mellow Waves", which was released in the same year, takes the element of water in its various forms as its theme. The basis is the water cycle, which is the origin of all life on earth. From the first drops from the cloudy sky, over streams and rivers to the wide open sea.

With the first two singles "Red Flavia" and "Purple Hydrangea" and the new single "Blue Dahlia", the beauty of the blossoms follows this year. The blaze of colour awakens when the sun hits the delicate petals after a thunderstorm. Each individual blossom is delicate, unique and beautiful.